World Sports Festival Nations


Participation and Accommodation

Choose between one of these two options:

1. Participation + Accommodation


2. Participation only (excluding accommodation)



Additional Packages

Food & Beverage: To achieve high performance young athletes need a balanced diet. We offer a food package with meals developed in cooperation with a sports dietician.

WSF Shuttle: If you do not arrive with your own car or bus you can book our WSF Shuttle. The busses take you from Eventhotel Pyramide to the sports venues as well as to the side events.


WSF City Tour: You are already in Vienna, so you should use the spare time between, before or after the competitions to explore the city with a guided WSF City Tour.


Extension Packages: If you want to explore Vienna/Austria in detail or if you are interested in a pre-tournament training camp we offer extension packages with individual programs for you and your team.