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General information

The World Sports Festival, one of the largest youth sports festivals in Europe will take place again in 2014 (July 3rd-6th) in Vienna and Lower Austria.
2,500 athletes from more than 25 nations are expected to attend the World Sports Festival 2014, where they will compete in different sports such as American Football, Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball, Tennis, Bowling, Wrestling, Table Tennis, Soccer and Taekwondo.

WSF participants

Young athletes aged between 10 and 21 will compete in these sports in 2014. Color of skin, religion and nationality play no role when competing together. Athletic challenge is at the forefront of the tournament, also the unifying components and the generation of international friendships between the young participants. Fairness, sense of community, openness and new horizons are the credo of the event. Everybody can take part who registers himself or his team in the corresponding sport.

WSF nations

The participating nations go from small states such as the Faroe Islands to large nations like the USA which was represented by the largest delegation so far of 1,600 athletes in 2009.

WSF history

Since 2007 the event has taken place in Vienna and Lower Austria. In 2008 the World Sports Festival was awarded the Austrian Event Award in Gold and since its existence has welcomed over 22,000 participants establishing it as the largest youth sport event in Austria.

WSF Ambassadors

From the beginning many well-known sport stars have accompanied the American delegations as All Star Head Coaches. Amongst them were Olympic medal winners like Tiffany Milbrett (US Football Women, Gold Medal Atlanta 1996 and Silver Medal Sydney 2000), Laura Berg (Softball Gold Medal 1996, 2000 and 2004 and Silver Medal 2008), Kirsty Coventry (Swimming Gold Medal 2004), Lenny Krayzelburg (Swimming Gold Medal 2000 and 2004), Rulon Gardner (Wrestling Gold Medal 2000 and Bronze Medal 2004) and other world champions and recognized athletes.


Other highlights, that can’t be found in this form at any other international tournament are by all means the Opening Ceremony, the Players Town for all participants and the Players Party:

Opening Ceremony

Get a whiff of Olympia at the opening ceremony, when you and your nation march into the filled stadium to the national anthem. The emotional feeling of the festival is awakened in every participant; elation and anticipation of the approaching days to be spent together are underlined by an entertainment program that includes break-dance events, fantastic fireworks and the lighting of the festival fire.

Players Town (Eventhotel Pyramide****, Vösendorf)

Players Town is the heart of the 4-day event. Spread over 4,000 m2 the participants can find everything that a young athlete’s heart desires. Fun and action with for example the possibility to try new types of sport, a street basketball court, internet corner and a lot more entertainment for young people. Players Town is available to the young athletes throughout the festival making it an ideal communication platform.

Players‘ Party

Enjoying the time spent together and meeting other participants from other countries in the world is one of the cornerstones of the World Sports Festival. The Players’ Party sets priorities within the World Sports Festival for this. A professional DJ and a breathtaking lightshow provide the entertainment of the young athletes.

Order of events

The festival normally goes on for a period of four days. After the registration of the participants on the first day the preliminaries begin on the next day and there is the opening ceremony. The third day is dedicated to the tournaments and the Players‘ Party. On the last day the finals are played and the winners of the World Sports Festival are chosen.


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