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Pillars of the WSF


With the motto "sports for a better world" more than 20,000 enthusiastic athletes from 35 nations answered to the call of the World Sports Festival - one of the biggest youth sporting events throughout Europe. Under the patronage of UNESCO, the World Sports Festival takes place every year in early July in Lower Austria and Vienna.


Sports for a better world

Apart from fighting for sets, points, goals and hundredths of seconds the transnational thought is an important focus of this event. Neither background nor language, religion or skin colour plays any role. The spotlight shines solely upon the common passion for sport and expanding boundaries. Friendships are formed, rivals become colleagues, preconceptions are changed and after a tough match everybody shakes hands. When the participants go home again, they understand that the World Sports Festival is more than just sport!


International thought

The unique atmosphere of the opening ceremony provides magic moments. At the same time the power of sports promotes cross-cultural interactions.


Sport & movement

Kids and young athletes from 11 to 21 years from all over the world are fighting for the top placements. No matter if amateur team, school team or professional club – the sportive diversity offers an interesting mix in team and individual sports. This enables young athletes to gain international experiences and to live the positive values of sport.



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